May 30, 2024

Rocketing to Legal Success: A Comprehensive Review of the RocketLawyer Platform

In the increasingly digital world of the 21st century, legal assistance is no longer confined within the physical walls of law firms. A surge in the development of online legal platforms has reshaped how legal services are accessed and utilized, bringing legal aid to the fingertips of millions. RocketLawyer, one such online platform, has revolutionized legal services by making them accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. This article explores the features, benefits, and potential challenges associated with RocketLawyer, guiding you on your journey through this pioneering platform.

I. What is RocketLawyer?

Overview of the RocketLawyer platform

RocketLawyer is a leading online legal technology platform that provides affordable and straightforward legal services to millions of people and businesses around the globe. The platform’s comprehensive array of offerings include legal document creation, online attorney consultations, and business incorporation services. With its user-friendly interface, RocketLawyer demystifies the often complex world of legal procedures, providing a convenient bridge between laypeople and the legal assistance they require.

Company History and Development

RocketLawyer was founded in 2008 by Charley Moore, a U.S. Navy veteran and former lawyer, with a vision to make law accessible and affordable for everyone. The company began as a platform for creating legal documents but quickly expanded its services, taking advantage of the digital revolution to democratize access to legal services. Over time, it has evolved to include offerings such as virtual consultations with lawyers, pre-negotiated lawyer rates for members, and even the ability to incorporate a business online. As of today, RocketLawyer has served over 20 million customers and continues to thrive in the growing market of legal tech services.

Mission and Vision of RocketLawyer

The mission of RocketLawyer is to make the law simple and affordable for all, challenging the traditional legal services model, which often seems out of reach for average individuals and small businesses. The vision is to facilitate an environment where anyone can access and understand the law, enabling them to handle legal issues with confidence and ease.

RocketLawyer accomplishes this by providing step-by-step instructions for legal procedures, offering a vast library of customizable legal documents, and connecting users to qualified attorneys for consultations and advice. The platform strives to help people “lawyer up” without breaking the bank, thus promoting equality, fairness, and justice in the realm of legal services.

II. The Services of RocketLawyer

Creation of Legal Documents

One of the primary services offered by RocketLawyer is the creation of legal documents. With a vast library of templates covering numerous legal areas such as estate planning, business contracts, family law, and property law, among others, RocketLawyer simplifies the task of generating legal documents. The platform’s easy-to-use interface offers step-by-step assistance, allowing users to tailor their documents to specific needs.

Online Legal Advice

RocketLawyer provides a unique service where users can consult directly with qualified attorneys online. These consultations can be done via email, phone, or live chat, depending on the user’s preference. The platform’s Ask a Lawyer feature provides a space for users to pose specific legal questions and receive answers from experienced attorneys, often within a day.

Incorporation Services

For individuals looking to set up a business, RocketLawyer offers a straightforward and efficient process. The platform provides a step-by-step guide to help users understand and navigate the complexities of incorporating a business. In addition to the formation documents, RocketLawyer also provides ongoing compliance services such as annual reports, amendments, and business name changes.

Subscription Plans

RocketLawyer operates on both a free and premium model. The free model allows access to a limited set of documents and a one-week free trial to consult with a lawyer. On the other hand, the premium subscription plan, named “Rocket Lawyer Premium Membership,” provides unlimited access to the legal document library, free legal questions, document reviews, and discounted rates on lawyer services.

III. Advantages of RocketLawyer


One of the most compelling advantages of RocketLawyer is its accessibility. The platform’s online nature means that you can access legal services from anywhere, anytime, without the need to physically visit a law firm or lawyer’s office. This is particularly beneficial for individuals living in remote areas or those with mobility issues.


The 24/7 availability of RocketLawyer provides unparalleled convenience. You can draft a legal document, ask a legal question, or start the process of incorporating a business at any time that suits you, making it ideal for busy individuals and business owners.


Compared to the costs of hiring a traditional lawyer, RocketLawyer is incredibly cost-effective. The subscription-based model provides unlimited access to many legal services for a flat monthly fee, which can result in significant savings, especially for small businesses and individuals who need regular legal assistance.

Customer Support

RocketLawyer offers robust customer support, providing assistance via phone, email, and live chat. The platform’s customer service team is known for its responsive and supportive approach, helping users navigate any issues they encounter swiftly.

IV. Potential Drawbacks of RocketLawyer

Generic Legal Forms

While RocketLawyer offers an extensive library of legal forms, these are, by necessity, fairly generic and designed to cater to a wide range of scenarios. For complex or highly specific legal situations, a custom-drafted document by a lawyer might be more appropriate.

Limitations on Free Services

The free services provided by RocketLawyer are limited. For example, without a subscription, the platform allows you to create a legal document but charges for downloading and printing.

Dependency on Internet Access

The effectiveness of RocketLawyer is contingent on having reliable internet access. This dependency could pose challenges for individuals in areas with unstable or limited internet connectivity.

V. RocketLawyer User Reviews and Case Studies

Positive Reviews

Many users have lauded RocketLawyer for its intuitive interface, comprehensive range of services, and excellent customer support. Numerous small business owners have found RocketLawyer’s incorporation services particularly beneficial, saving them time and effort that would otherwise have been spent navigating complex legal processes. Individuals have also praised the platform’s legal document creation services, highlighting how RocketLawyer simplifies the otherwise daunting task of drafting legally binding documents.

Negative Reviews

However, like any service, RocketLawyer has also received some negative reviews. Some users have reported difficulties in cancelling subscriptions and obtaining refunds. Others have expressed dissatisfaction with the limitations of the free services and the costs associated with premium features.

Analysis of Overall User Satisfaction

Despite the occasional negative review, the overall user satisfaction with RocketLawyer is high. The platform enjoys a good reputation for its customer-centric approach, and its commitment to making law accessible and affordable is apparent in the volume of positive feedback.

VI. Comparing RocketLawyer to Other Online Legal Platforms

Overview of Competitors

RocketLawyer operates in a competitive landscape, with other notable players such as LegalZoom, LawDepot, and Nolo offering similar online legal services.

Features Comparison

While each platform has its unique features, RocketLawyer stands out with its easy-to-navigate interface, extensive document library, and on-call legal advice. The platform’s strong customer support also sets it apart from many competitors.

Cost Comparison

When it comes to cost, RocketLawyer’s subscription-based model can be more cost-effective than competitors for users requiring regular legal services. However, for those needing a one-off legal document, platforms offering a pay-per-document model may be more economical.

VII. Conclusion: Is RocketLawyer Right for You?

Summarizing the features, pros, and cons of RocketLawyer

RocketLawyer provides a robust platform for anyone seeking accessible, affordable, and convenient legal services. While it has some potential drawbacks, such as the limitations of free services and the need for stable internet access, its benefits – particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness and convenience – are significant.

Providing recommendations based on different user needs

For small business owners, startups, and individuals in need of regular legal services, RocketLawyer’s subscription model offers excellent value. However, those with complex legal needs may benefit more from personalized advice from a traditional law firm.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, RocketLawyer represents a significant step forward in the democratization of legal services. By leveraging technology, the platform successfully simplifies legal procedures and makes legal services more accessible to all. While it might not replace traditional legal services in their entirety, it offers an effective and efficient alternative for many individuals and businesses.

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